About Us

Roundhouse trains has been a family owned, one stop shop for all model train collectors since 1983 when we first opened our doors. Our mission is to provide the best and most extensive model train selection, both new and used, at a fair price to our customers through our extensive knowledge and reputation in the model train industry. Whether you are buying your first set, looking for a rare collection, or designing a complex layout, we are here to help you find what you are looking for and help you grow your railroad empire. We continue to expand the products and services in our store, and most recently are introducing this online store in order to reach the needs of everyone that loves and enjoys trains!

Who We Are

Kevin Cook is the owner and founder of Roundhouse Electric Trains, Inc. (2011) - Kevin has bought, built, painted, decalled, and repaired model electric trains for over 45 years. His passion, knowledge, and business acumen of all things railroad enable him to find the best bargains and methods available to offer our Customers a constantly fresh and unique variety of model electric trains, track plans, railroad history, construction techniques, etc...

CAUTION: Kevin has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of bad one-liners, "old rheubarbs", half-wit-icisms, wry observations and eccentric world views that keep him hard at work in his day job...DO NOT ENCOURAGE HIS SO CALLED HUMOR (Mrs. Cook's rule #1)

Our Values

Our knowledge and abilities are available to serve our customers first and always.

This means we treat our Customers, Employees, Suppliers, and all our fellow men and women with respect. We will be fair and honest in all of our interactions and transactions. We will apply all of our resources and abilities to help our Customers build their model railroad empires.

Our Store

We invite you to visit our store in Louisville, KY! See more about it here